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Writing a mission statement makes me all tingly. It feels so official, even though I sat down just the other day to write my first draft. Ah, so exciting! Take a look:

Creative Friends is a non-profit collaborative learning center catering to a kaleidoscope of creative individuals of all ages with various talents and abilities. Our mission is to nurture curious, creative and innovate minds by offering high quality classes with mentors who blur the lines of the teacher-student relationship. We strive to break the barriers of competitive learning, so we are able to freely share ideas and concepts as well as work together to complete a collective goal or to help others on individual projects. By increasing communication, productivity and creative experimentation as well as being environmental consciousness, we fully believe becoming a Creative Friend will not only establish a sense of purpose but strengthen the community as well. 

I have this strange feeling I’m not being direct enough. I think it’s because I want to explain how exactly how these classes work and what type of classes that we will be offering. Feel free to reply or message me, here, with your thoughts. I am fully open to constructive criticism. In fact, I’m going to print this out and pass it around to get as much feedback as possible.

Opinions? Thoughts? Questions? Ideas?

For whatever reason, a free shipping offer that saves a customer $6.99 is more appealing to many than a discount that cuts the purchase price by $10, says Wharton marketing professor David Bell.

Here’s the final sets of logos!

I’m actually pretty proud of myself. I finalized the kerning, leading, cap height and colors today. I got a lot of great feedback during lunch from my coworkers and from a few others. I know that I’m breaking some serious design rules, considering I used fourteen colors for the logo, but lets face it what’s the point in getting a degree in graphic design and not being able to some rules?

I’m always up for constructive criticism! So, please let me know your thoughts?

Even though Creative Friends won the name brawl, I still played around with logo concepts for the other names. Who knows! I might use the other names for events or competitions.

Even though Creative Friends won the name brawl, I still played around with logo concepts for the other names. Who knows! I might use the other names for events or competitions.

As childish as it sounds, I found that the most efficient way to come up with mock company names in college was to create a word bank. I would list every possible verb and noun that was relevant and sometimes not so relevant to the company. At the end of the exercise I realized that my list had a lot of shitty words, but it also contained words that resonated in me. And when glorious resonating verbs and nouns combine, they are simply… magical. Which means it’s time to make little logo babies. Bow-chicka-bow-bow!

It’s strange though, this simple exercise didn’t hit me while I was in catholic school (I wonder if it’s because I was mentally beaten on how to list and outline correctly or teased by my peers on the fact I couldn’t do it right?) or in any of my design classes for that matter. It hit me while I was watching a Matt & Kim interview, where he explains their lyrical process. Which basically goes like this:

  1. Kim writes random sentences
  2. Matt circles the ones he likes
  3. They fill in from one sentence to the next
  4. BAM! Lyrical birth

And with that, mucho grací Matt & Kim! However, this isn’t a mock company, this is my startup. I can’t sit in a room by myself pulling words from thin air like I used to. In the meantime, promising to keep my company as transparent as possible! Lets be honest, it’s easy to be transparent when you’re your own audience. So, it was time to put my big girl pants on and I talked to anyone who was interested in listening and opened my list to anyone who was willing to throw in some words. Let me tell you, I got a lot of great feedback!

Once I felt my list was complete, I compiled a new list for my golden words. It was here that I was able to mix and match my way to 16 company names in just under a couple of hours. A few days later and with a lot of research on my perspective company names as well as help and feedback from on lookers, we finally narrowed it down to one name, Creative Friends!

Hey there! My name is Sarah Elizabeth, I am 23 years old and a fully employed graphic designer. I have always wanted to start my own business, so what better time than now? Please, feel free to follow me through the laughs, drafts and roars, as well as unforgettable moments of my startup business, Creative Friends.